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Distinctive Advantages of Park Systems AFMs

Park AFMs share a core suite of cutting-edge technologies, ensuring exceptional performance across all of its products. Their decoupled AFM system architecture for lateral and vertical scanners provides unparalleled accuracy, guaranteeing distortion-free images. True Non-Contact technology preserves both tip and sample integrity while maintaining high-resolution scans. The mechanical and software architecture's user-friendly design streamlines tip and sample loading, ensuring easy access to samples, a rapid tip-to-surface approach, and efficient searches to areas of interest. Additionally, the integration of Smart Scan, an AI-powered operating system, simplifies the AFM operation, making it effortlessly navigable for novices and experts alike. This amalgamation of advanced features defines the reliability, precision, and ease of use inherent to all Park AFMs.

Park Crosstalk Elimination Technology

Park AFM produces data you can trust, replicate, and publish at the highest nano resolution. It features the world's only True Non-Contact AFM that prolongs tip life
while preserving your sample, and flexure-based independent XY and Z scanner for unparalleled accuracy and resolutoin.

Accurate XY Scan by Crosstalk Elimination

The fundamental difference between Park and its closest competitor is in the scanner architecture. Park’s unique flexure-based independent XY scanner and Z scanner design allow unmatched data accuracy in nano resolution further improved with NX AFM Head (Z scanner) powered by NX AFM electronic controller.

  1. Two independent, closed-loop XY and Z flexure scanners
  2. Flat and orthogonal XY scan with low residual bow
  3. Accurate height measurements without any need for software processing

Accurate AFM Topography with Low Noise Z Detector

Park AFMs are equipped with the most effective low noise Z detectors in the field, with a noise of 0.02 nm over large bandwidth. This produces highly accurate sample topography and no edge overshoot. Just one of the many ways Park AFM saves you time and gives you better data.

Accurate Sample Topography Measured by Low Noise Z Detector

  1. Uses low noise Z detector signal for topography
  2. Has a low Z detector noise of 0.02 nm over a large bandwidth
  3. Has no edge overshoot at the leading and trailing edges
  4. Needs calibration done only once at the factory

Best Tip Life, Resolution, and Sample Preservation
by True Non-Contact TM Mode

True Non-Contact™ Mode is a scan mode unique to Park AFM systems, which produces high-resolution and accurate data by preventing destructive tip-sample
interaction during a scan.