ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) factors represent a holistic approach to evaluating a company's impact on the environment, its social responsibility, and its governance practices. Embracing ESG principles is crucial for sustainable and responsible business operations.

Park Systems recognizes the significance of ESG and is dedicated to upholding and maintaining the highest standards in these areas. Through environmental initiatives, community engagement, ethical practices, and strong governance structures, Park Systems strives to make a positive impact on the planet, society, and its stakeholders.


Park Systems, committed to meeting global environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) standards, has acquired ISO 14001, an international environmental management system certificate. The certificate examines and comprehensively evaluates sustainable environmental management systems, including systematic environmental management policies, plans, and eco-friendly activities. The company has successfully renewed the certificate every two years since 2005, the year it was first issued.


Park Systems focuses on pursuing diversity in its organization. It is consciously aware of the gender ratio at its HQ, as well as the diversity of nationalities within the whole Park Systems Group. At HQ, close to 30% of its employees and 25% of its executive vice presidents are women. In terms of nationalities within the Park Systems Group, non-Korean nationals constitute 35% of the company's workforce, with 41% from Eurrope, 28% from Greater China and 14% from the US.

Corporate Governance

Park Systems's mission is to become a trusted leader in the area of nanoscale solutions through sound corporate governance. Made up of a CEO and five non-executive directors from leading companies and academic background, Park Systems board of directors aims at ensuring transparent decision-making and strong leadership. Furthermore, the company operates a Compensation Committee to ensure reasonable and equitable compensation for all its employees. The company assesses financial ratios, cash flow, and debt to make wise investments and increase shareholder value through stable dividends. That dividend scale is determined by regular reviews and profit and loss statements, usually ranging from 10% to 50% of free cash flow. Its dedication to creating enduring shareholder value is evident from its impressive market capitalization of 1.3 trillion KRW (as of July 19, 2023).

The Board of Directors comprises one CEO and five external, non-executive directors to ensure transparency in decision-making.

Sang-il Park

CEO of Park Systems Corp. (1997~)
Park Scientific Instruments, CEO (1988~1997)
MBA, AEA-Stanford Executive Institute (1994)
Ph.D. Applied Physics, Stanford Univ. (1987)
BS. Physics, Seoul National Univ. (1981)

Jung-hwa Han

Professor at Hanyang University

Kyu-Sik Kim

Korea Governance Forum Outside director

Seung-gi Chae

Technical Committee of LG Display

Jun Jeong

CEO of Solid corporation

Sang-gil Jeon

Professor, Department of Business Administration, Hanyang University

Kee-jun Park

CPA of Woori Accounting Firm

Code of Conduct

Park Systems Corporation openly shares our Code of Conduct to ensure transparency and integrity.