Industrial AFM

Photomask Repair

Photomask repair has emerged as a pivotal technology in the semiconductor industry, addressing defects—foreign substances accumulated during the lithography process. These defects obstruct and impair the precise imprinting process, necessitating repair for the photomask's reuse. However, the current leading mask repair systems, primarily based on E-Beam or Laser, face a critical challenge: they can potentially damage the sample's surface and pattern. This concern is particularly pronounced for masks applied minutest pattern as there is a limit to shrinking the size beam. Additionally, these systems often lack automation, making it challenging to integrate them seamlessly into the in-line process. Here is the point that Park Systems’ advanced AFM technology meets the industrial demand. We offer an all-in-one solution from auto defect review to repair of defects to verification of the repair without damage, accelerating the throughput at unprecedented repair efficacy.