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Park Systems is a leading manufacturer of scientific instruments for nanoscale research, including AFM systems. We aim to support the next generation of trail blazers in nanoscience by encouraging young researchers to share and discuss their work as freely as possible.
If you are a graduate student or postdoctoral scholar working in a field that involves nanoscale research, apply for a scholarship from Park System.
We are awarding scholarships of up to $500 USD to Park Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Scholars who share research performed with a Park AFM with others in the nanoscience community. The total amount to be awarded will depend on a jury evaluation to consider the quality of the proposed research presentation, as well as the venue(s) where it will be presented.

Our Scholarship Requirements

Awardees will be graduate students or postdoctoral researchers that have demonstrated the use of a Park AFM instrument in their studies.
Applicants are expected to share any meaningful data acquired using a Park AFM instrument (please note the Park model used in the application and in your paper), the event(s) or conference(s) where they plan to present their paper, and note the scientific journals or publications the paper has been, or will be, submitted to.
You can use this downloadable version of our logo for inclusion in your presentation.

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