Active Vibration Isolation

Our advanced vibration isolation systems effectively eliminate ambient vibrations from delicate measuring equipment, ensuring highly accurate results. By mitigating environmental disturbances like vibrations and noise, this technology is essential for dependable and precise measurements during research and production.


Our portfolio covers a wide range of applications

In the realm of nano-scientific applications like Scanning Probe Microscopy, Nanoindentation, Digital Microscopy, 3D Surface Metrology, Confocal Microscopy, Micromanipulation, and Electron Microscopy, the challenge of managing vibrations at nanometer scales is paramount.


Principles of Active Vibration Isolation Technology by Accurion

The impact of environmental disturbances, notably vibrations and acoustic noise, on research and production processes underscores the need for effective vibration control in ensuring the reliability of high-resolution measurements with sensitive instrumentation. This becomes particularly crucial when ambient vibration amplitudes align with the dimensions of the structures under investigation.